Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill

Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Aug 01, 2004

Your choice of food, reasonable prices
Bowl could be a little bigger, not for people with food allergies

Crazy Fire Mongolian Grill is a restaurant where you pay by the bowl ($5.95 for the first bowl and I think $1 for each additional bowl). You get your bowl and stand in line at a “salad bar” that has all raw food in it. Vegetables, meat, some other stuff and LOTS of sauces and seasonings. You add whatever you want to your bowl, walk over to a circular counter surrounding a big circular grill, and hand it to a chef (who then cooks it while you wait). The food is as good as you make it, and they have some sheets of paper with suggestions as to what combinatinos of food and sauces/oils to add to get a dish that resembles something you have had before. The actual experience was kind of cool, but it was really nice that I had control over how healthy the food was and what it would taste like. The price is very reasonable. Because everyone’s food is cooked with the same utensils on the same grill (just separated by some space), I wouldn’t recommend this place if you have allergies (although they have a sign that gives some indication you could get preferential treatment that would prevent any mishaps).

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