Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Aug 14, 2004

Awesome wings, pizza and other artery clogging food, their bleu cheese
UNHEALTHY, longer wait on weekends

Sarah and I ate at Ronni’s tonight as a way to finish up my birthday week of eating. I’ve been there many times before, but I felt ok making the experience day today. We got a medium (12″) cheese pizza, 10 wings and an order of buffalo chips (fried potato slices with ranch dressing). I got a side of bleu cheese and a side of extra hot wing sauce. The chips are a mistake…they’re good and all, but not nearly as good as the wings and pizza. I really like to eat there, but only every so often. Their pizza and wings are very good, and close to the quality of some of the finer pizza and wing establishments in Batavia, NY. My how my standard of pizza and wings has gone up since I met Sarah!

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