Brenthaven Professional 17 Backpack

Brenthaven Professional 17 Backpack
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Aug 25, 2004

Fits my huge 17 inch Powerbook perfectly, rugged, lots of compartments, removable laptop sleeve, comfy
Pockets are sized awkwardly, not as deep as my old backpack

Before I got this backpack, I was using my Daytripper ITZ backpack with a self-modified camping mat to protect it. I wanted a more professional looking backpack that would fit my Powerbook perfectly. Leave it to Brenthaven to give me a great custom fit backpack for my school lunch tray sized laptop. Overall, I’m impressed with the backpack. It’s not as big as my old one, but I can’t really expect that. It stows nicely on an airplane in front of me. The Powerbook is easy to remove, even when the bag is packed tight (something that I couldn’t do easily with my other pack). The straps are well padded and the pack sits on my back in the right spot. One odd thing (for a pack this well designed) is that the middle compartment has only a straight across zipper yet goes all the way down to the bottom of the pack. This makes it easy to stuff into the pocket and quite difficult to retrieve it, especially when it is packed full.
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0 Responses to Brenthaven Professional 17 Backpack

  1. Josh Creason says:

    Professional and backpack…two words I don’t think of together…

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    It’s 2004! Professionals can definitely wear backpacks (I hope).

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