Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar

Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Aug 01, 2004

Excellent Wings, lots of sauces, Ms. Pac-Man while you wait, NTN Trivia while you eat
Pricey (as all wing places are)

Sarah and I have found our favorite new wing place in Winston. Ronni’s wings are good, and you can get pizza there as well. The only choices I know for a large variety of sauces are East Coast Wings and Buffalo Wild Wings. East Coast Wings are too greasy. BWW does a great job with their sauces (the only ones I’ve had so far are medium, hot, insane…or whatever their spiciest is, and thai). The Thai sauce is (from my experience) very authentic, but still wing-y. Their hottest did not disappoint, and had me sweating after a few minutes. If they had pizza, I think Sarah and I would be in trouble.
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  1. Scott says:

    I haven’t had much of their food, but its a great place to watch games.

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