Cookout Milkshake – Banana Pudding

Cookout Milkshake – Banana Pudding
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Sep 19, 2004

Very yummy
Not as good as peanut butter banana, unhealthy (probably more unhealthy than regular banana pudding)

Sarah and I split one of these tonight. It was very good. Might be one of our new favorites. It tastes just like good homemade banana pudding with vanilla wafers and whipped cream. Except it’s a little colder (which throws you for an interesting turn). It’s one of the better Cookout milkshakes.

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  1. Jackie and Casey says:

    As cookout experts, I personally find the oreo milkshake to be the best. The banana pudding was a little bland for my likings. The car had mixed reviews on the orange pushup flavor- some thought it was too sweet and others enjoyed it.

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    Orange pushup was accurate, but I can get an orange pushup anytime. Peanut butter banana. That’s the ticket…

  3. sarah lidbom says:

    upon reading your review, i have decided that this weekend (1/22/05) we should go there and enjoy the tasty goodness…. 🙂

  4. Derek Lidbom says:

    If anyone’s wondering, this evening Sarah and I had tasty goodness at Cookout tonight. I had peanut butter banana and Sarah had snickers.

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