Cookout Milkshake – Peanut Butter Banana

Cookout Milkshake – Peanut Butter Banana
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Jun 01, 2002

Delicious, extra peanut butter bonus in the bottom, thick, creamy
Not good for me

I love Cookout Milkshakes, and this is my favorite. Every time I get a different one, I wish I had gotten the peanut butter banana one. I don’t know how they do it. The flavors are blended into every bite, with some of the extra chunks in the bottom. Lately we’ve been having 2 per weekend as breaks from our diet. Usually I try to branch out with one of those and get one of these when I have learned my lesson. Mmmmm…I think I’ll have one now.

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  1. Chris Barr says:

    Reeces cup is my favorite, but I recently tried the watermelon one, but i think thats only available in July.

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