Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Feb 01, 2004

Popup blocking, tabbed browsing, cross-platform, browse by typing
Preference interface not intuitive

Firefox released their almost finished version this week (1.0PR which translates into .1 to them). If you’re still an IE user, you should try it out. Flash and Java support (some java applets have trouble), Microsoft authentication and all the basics of the other browsers. Internet explorer is going to have to work to keep up. Popup blocking (ok, IE has it in XP SP2), tabbed browsing (REALLY nice when you need it), cross-platform (I’m an advocate of that, obviously…with a Mac and a Windows PC on my desk) and, my favorite, browse by typing. I can quickly find any link or text on a page by typing it in. This is huge to me, because it means I can keep my hands off the mouse even more. The preferences window is very limited in what you can control. But, if you want to get your feet wet, you can type about:config in the address bar and you can control all kinds of stuff. Other than that I don’t have any complaints. Oh yeah, it has a quick search bar you can add different sites to to search quickly (google, amazon, dictionary, ebay, yahoo!) and a plugin interface that makes it easy to write plugins. And it’s skinnable!
Firefox Home Page
Updates site (Extensions and Themes)

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