Flash game

Try this one out for fun.

worth a play

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6 Responses to Flash game

  1. Jon says:

    It’s a good one coach,

    I haven’t been able to get past the future

    -I transport the “frogs”
    -I zap the electrode thingy with water
    -I get him across with the force field

    What in the world is te squishy yellow thing for???

  2. Josh Creason says:

    i can’t get past the bear.

  3. Yeah, i figured it out…i didn’t realize that you could click and drag. I got through to the board where you are walking on the roof and there are birds that get you.

  4. Derek Lidbom says:

    Maybe they’re hungry.

  5. Dwight Ball says:

    I hate to admit I played long enough to make it through but I did. Just as the guy steps on the squishy thing move your mouse over and click it. It will bounce him up to the next level where you can move the thingy over to pick him up.

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