Oakley MP3 eyewear

This is neat…

high geek factor

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3 Responses to Oakley MP3 eyewear

  1. Scott says:

    Neat – “Eye” want a pair!
    Eh? Eh? Anyone? No? ok…

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    $150+ (easy) for sunglasses is not such a hot deal either. This is Oakley we’re talking about. 😀

  3. Chris Barr says:

    Neat……but…….$495 for 256MB? Thats a horrible deal! I can get a 40GB iPod for less that that, and make just as good of a fashion statement. Plus, the fact that I always have to wear my sunglasses to listen to music isn’t the greatest either. But I could always just flip the lenses up and look super cool when I’m inside like this http://oakley.com/media/oakley/catalog/brochures/eyewear/thump/main/girl.jpg

    Yes, it is a cool idea, but not practical at all.

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