Rikki's Gourmet Soy Ginger Dressing/Marinade

Rikki’s Gourmet Soy Ginger Dressing/Marinade
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Sep 26, 2004

Very tasty, inexpensive
Carbs (but not that bad), can get worn out on it

We bought a huge bottle of this dressing at Costco. It’s a very good asian salad dressing. We haven’t tried it as a marinade yet, but I think it would be good. What else is there to say? If you’re a fan of Ginger/soy dressings, try it out. It’s like a little taste of Kiha at home (but not quite).

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8 Responses to Rikki's Gourmet Soy Ginger Dressing/Marinade

  1. Mary says:

    I too purchased this at Costco and I love it as dressing, sauce, marinate it is great however, as is the way with Costco when I went back to purchase more they do not have it anymore. I searched for the company website on the bottle and it no longer exists…too bad.

  2. Carol says:

    If anyone knows where to purchase Rikki’s soy ginger marinade, please email me. Costco has deleted it from their computer. It is truly the best chicken marinade I have ever used. Thank you.

  3. Fuj says:

    Not to worry!!! We all love the stuff! I just checked rikkirikki.com and found their restaurant. Then, I called Costco to see if it might return or if it was (gulp) “deleted.” As of this writing – April 9, 2007, Costco lists the 1 liter bottle as “new.” The one I called (Seattle) showed it as new, but they don’t have it yet. It’s coming!!!

  4. Jack says:

    Boy, I hope Costco still has Rikki’s Soy Ginger dressing. I’m addicted to the stuff! We bought about four bottles of it, and now I’m almost out. If Costco doesn’t carry it anymore….

    Here’s a tip. If you want to make an amazing salad dressing, just thoroughly blend 50% Rikki’s Soy Ginger dressing with 50% mayonnaise. It’s unbelievably good!

  5. Danny says:

    Ditto, that is the BEST stuff I have ever tasted when it comes to a salad dressing….

  6. I want to order Rikki’s Gourmet Soy Ginger dressing and marinade.
    I used to buy it at my local Costco here in Winter Park, Florida.
    They say they no longer carry it.
    I want to order some. Is that possible?

  7. Princess says:

    I love Rikki’s Gourmet Soy Ginger dressing and marinade, I was buying it from Costco but they no longer carry it, where can I buy it?

  8. Sarh says:

    I went to their site rikkirikki.com and you can order it in 12 oz bottles for $5.29 pluss shipping. But it says its sold st Kroger and Whole Foods so I am going to check before I order!!! SO happy to be able to get this!! I LOVE it!

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