SANS training

I’m in Las Vegas right now at some security training. It’s going to be interesting. The geek factor is REALLY high. I’ll try to post more updates as I can. We’re staying at The Riviera. There are hundreds of IT security guys here and only two small wifi hotspots. Sad. And they’re saturated, so the bandwidth is hurting. I’m pretty excited about the training though.

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4 Responses to SANS training

  1. El Gray says:

    Heh… I don’t think all you security freaks should be trusting your prescious data to an unknown wireless hotspot…

  2. Bitsas says:

    “Do you want me to save your game of Minesweeper?”

  3. Derek Lidbom says:

    I’m all locked down…I’m wearing a shirt that says: Bring it on!Just kidding about the shirt.Not about my laptop.I made an easily restorable backup images that’s residing safely back at the office should the worst happen with my laptop here. 😀

  4. El Gray says:

    I totally do know how to spell precious.

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