Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 Laptop

Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100 Laptop
Overall Rating: 0.5
Experience Date:Sep 15, 2004

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None of the features work. Garbage.

Toshiba really messed things up on this one. From what I understand, they outsourced production of this laptop to an external company. They’ll hopefully learn a lesson from this. We ordered one of these for one of my users and it was nothing but problems from day one. Intermittently, it would come up with a Bad RTC Battery error message on booting. That was usually right after it had spontaneously rebooted while the user was working. Toshiba support was no help. “Try to leave the laptop plugged in for 14 hours and then see if it still happens.” No luck. Then they mentioned, “sounds like you have a conflict somewhere”. Yep, Kathy told them, “We do have a conflict…we have all Dells and this one Toshiba.” I thought we just got a lemon until I did some research online. Turns out many many people have had the exact same problems with their 6100’s and have received no help from Toshiba. I found a possible class action suit against Toshiba for this model. Also, the CNET user opinions are at about 13% or so (positive) for this model. Awful. Do not buy this machine!
CNET Reviews/User Opinions page for the Toshiba Satellite Pro 6100
Information on a law firm’s investigation into a class action suit for this laptop

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  1. Josh Creason says:

    My experience with Toshiba has been that they push a new ‘cutting edge’ product out there too soon. My PDA, the e740, was nothing but trouble for a year. Finally, they gave me an e755. It is what the e740 was supposed to be to begin with. They are so wrapped up in trying to be the first out with X, Y, and Z they don’t get the bugs worked out first, resulting in garbage for the first generation adopter.

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