An Evening of Red

I came home to an awesome meal of (Red?) Tilapia stuffed with crab and shrimp (and other yummy goodness) and asparagus. Then we watched the Red Sox win the World Series. Well, Sarah watched. We split up the game with an episode of LOST (with the sporting event in Picture-in-Picture). I went to bed the top of the eighth inning when I was pretty sure the Red Sox would win. Besides, if they lost, it wasn’t the series, so I had trouble getting into it for reasons other than it being a significant historical event.

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Boston is insane right now. I was in Cambridge last night walking around: lots of screaming, people on street corners waving Red Sox banners, strangers high-fiving and hugging in the streets, fireworks, honking horns, ambulances….I didn’t really see anything too rowdy, but I imagine a lot of it went on. There’s hardly anyone at work this morning.GO SOX!!!!!!

  2. BOOOOOO SOX!!!no, i was actually glad to see them win (now the rivalry will become even more fierce). i actually happened to be in boston visiting my brother the weekend of the parade– it was out of control. needless to say i left my yankees hat at home.

  3. sarah says:

    i’m glad that there’s ONE yankees fan that can say, “yes, i hate the red sox, but i’m happy for them”…..most yankees fans are jerks.

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