Apple Powerbook G4 17"

Apple Powerbook G4 17″
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Mar 01, 2004

Huge screen, quick, reliable, LONG battery life, looks great
Could be higher resolution, no G5 for a while, big (but as small as it could be), trackpad is too sensitive

I got this as an upgrade to my iBook at Trone. I got tired of not being able to do dual screens, among other things. The machine is quick and reliable. The battery life is amazing. Usually under regular working conditions I can get over 2.5 hours. The laptop does get warm, but not as warm as my Dell laptop. It is huge, reminiscient of a school lunch tray when it’s closed. the trackpad is too big I think. A common complaint is that the trackpad constantly picks up your palms while you’re typing. That is happening to me right now. And it is annoying. What else…the resolution (1440×900) is smaller than it should be for a screen of this size, but that’s standard for Apple. The other complaint is that the G5, because of heat problems, will probably not be available in a laptop for a while. That’s going to put this machine behind in speed.
A good review of the PowerBook

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