Bill to criminalize spyware/hacking

From my (quick) reading of this page, it doesn’t seem like this is doing much. Fraud (phishing) is illegal anyway, and a lot of spyware nowadays is installed via a license agreement the user clicks OK to (and doesn’t read).

won’t help

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  1. Jon says:

    I’m with you on this Derek. Once again alluding back to my experience with Bellsouth, there came a point when we could NOT interact with spyware for legal reasons (Bellsouth’s DSL division was sued because our service reps were walking people through removing the software and recommending Spybot and other removal softwares), due to the fact that users had agreed to have the software installed on their machine through license agreements. The most notorious being Kazaa media desktop. I had the hardest time one night explaining to a customer that she had actually agreed to have her settings changed, to have advertisement popups and IE redirection because of installing software that stated it would do so in its license agreement. The best I was allowed to do for her (even at Tier 2 level) was have her install Bellsouth’s popup catcher…which is similar to putting a bandaid on an amputated leg.

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