Melitta Mill and Brew Coffeemaker

Melitta Mill and Brew Coffeemaker
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Oct 01, 2000

Grinds fresh coffee on a timer and brews it well…simple as that
A little bit of a pain to clean, pricey for a coffemaker (but not for one that does what it does)

I got this as my “I’m starting a real job” gift when I started working for Symetri in October 2000. It’s four years old and I’ve only had to replace the brew basket (and just recently) for ~$7. The coffeemaker was $90 (you can get them for $60 now). Almost every night, I scoop out my coffee beans, put in some water and then set the timer (or not if I think I’m going to sleep in). Then I can walk downstairs in my stupor to freshly brewed coffee. It does make a good cup of coffee. There are 7 different grinder settings, but I haven’t changed it off 4 since a week or so after I got it.

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