Nautilus Home Smith Machine

Nautilus Home Smith Machine
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Oct 18, 2004

Good value, sturdy construction, lots of exercise options, smooth operation
Plate holders, a little cramped, not much for biceps, could come with a little more than 205 lbs. of weight, no one-handed bar or rope (but that’s expected)

Sarah and I picked this up and cancelled our gym membership. I’ve been very happy in my first two workouts with the machine. I’m good and sore. Here’s a sample of what my workouts will look like (until we get some more attachments and dumbells):
Chest & Triceps – bench press, butterfly, incline or decline bench press; skull crushers, w-bar pushdowns
Back, Shoulders & Biceps – Lateral pulldown, seated row, bent over row; shoulder press, upright row; cable curls, underhanded pulldowns
Legs – Lunges, squats, leg extensions, hamstring curls

I really like this machine. It takes about an 8×9 area to use, once you count space needed to put on plates. The plate holders bother me a little because the metal isn’t smooth and gives me a reminder of fingernails on a chalkboard sort of. It will get better as we wear it down. All my other complaints are contrasted against the fact that it’s a Nautilus brand machine for $599. I didn’t expect those, but that would be what made me give it a rating of 5. I was very happy with the construction of the bench. Since the leg attachment doesn’t work on cables (you stack plates on it), it’s relatively easy to insert and remove (to get out of the way).

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  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    Leg workouts leave some to be desired. The squats are great, but the leg extension attachment was obviously an afterthought to cover legs…buy some dumbells and get going on the lunges and dead lift to round it out.

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