Super Size Me

Super Size Me
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Oct 09, 2004

Entertaining, Educational, a well-placed blow
Probably some deceptive editing, some graphic elements unnecessary

This movie was a good follow up to my reading of Fast Food Nation. I know the fast food industry is dramatically affecting the health of our country, and the bottom dollar is all they care about (except maybe Chick-fil-a). The movie was entertaining and a good shot at the industry. It was amazing what his body went through in just a few weeks of eating only McDonalds. The numbers probably don’t lie. I did get an overall feel of some Moore-ish editing/fact slanting, but having first read Fast Food Nation, I was still comfortable with a most of what he said. There were some unnecessary visual and factual details in to movie that I’ll leave you to yourself to figure out if you watch it. Overall, it was quite interesting. I’d still recommend Fast Food Nation way over this if you’re looking for an accurate picture of the industry in America (and around the world).

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