The City (in the state)

I’m in New York City for a day. I’m attending an IT meeting for Management in Ad Agencies. It’s cool because we all have the same problems, and we can find solutions together. I took this picture of the sun just about to peek over the clouds on my flight in this morning. The sunrise was quite nice from the plane. I think I’ll keep my mouth shut about the Red Sox victory recently, considering it might get me shot (see my blog). I’ll probably meet up with Jordan this afternoon for an early dinner before heading back home. If you want to get in touch with me in the next few minutes, call the DelMonico Food Market (free delivery) at 212.661.0150 and ask for the guy working on the mac laptop.

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3 Responses to The City (in the state)

  1. yeah, but what time did you write this? DelMonico said they couldn’t find anyone by your description there now (11:42amEST)

  2. El Gray says:

    Yeah, I called, and they said there was a guy wearing only some apples on his lap, but no Apple laptops.[lie]

  3. Josh Creason says:

    [ps i was fibbing too]

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