Review of Marriage Under Fire

Title: Marriage Under Fire
Author: James Dobson
Date Completed: 11/17/2004

Rereadability Rating: 4.5
Lifechangeability Rating: 4
Entertainment Rating: 4

This is a really quick read that condenses and expounds on a lot of the literature about gay marriage available on Focus on the Family’s website ( If you’ve done any amount of reading on the blog entries on my site with the most comments, you know preserving marriage as between a man and a woman is very important to me. James Dobson outlines his (and his organization’s) reasons for “having to win this battle” in this book. It does incorporate some Scripture, but I was surprised at the amount of other studies, footnotes, etc. that it pulls from. It is a very quick read, but probably doesn’t gain you anything you can’t find online (just condenses it in one place).

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Note: This book review has been included in my site for historical purposes. I might not hold the same views as I did when it was written. If I don’t, hopefully I’m more right now…

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