Should Prostitution be Legal?

Just another survey to find out what my audience thinks of this.

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7 Responses to Should Prostitution be Legal?

  1. Joseph says:

    My take is, well…ambiguous at best. Obviously I am against prostitution from a belief standpoint, but it still happens. In Western European countries where it is legal, at least there are laws regulating the industry, which forces testing for STDs and also taxes the prostitutes, and I think this has its positives. Not that the US is a great moral powerhouse, but I do fear that loosening up some of these things means will turn us into a relativist society, like most of Western Europe.

    See…ambiguity is the way to go.

  2. Josh Creason says:

    I’m morally against any form of sexual contact outside of marriage. But if it’s going to happen anyway, shouldn’t we make it safer and make a profit off it … i think if it were to be legalized, the prostitute and “customer” should be taxed substantially. (insert tongue in cheek after the first sentence)

  3. Scott says:

    Josh’s model works well for legalization of gambling, recreational drugs, and other forms of general tomfoolery.

  4. Jon says:


  5. C. Walker says:

    Back up to what Josh said November 3…

    I’m against sexual activity outside of marriage as well. And sure, it’s going to happen whether or not I want it to. But I think that the attitude of “it’s going to happen anyway so we should make it safer and make a profit from it” is the wrong perspective to take.

    Where does that place your standard? Hopefully, all of us believe murder is wrong. Now, imagine if something happened and 10 years from now murder was a common part of daily life throughout the States. You could come home to find someone had killed your spouse or your kids. You could go to work and find out that some of your co-workers had been killed. But it would be a common experience. We wouldn’t want it to happen, but our wanting it NOT to happen wouldn’t stop it.

    See where I’m going with this? Simply saying that something is going to happen whether or not we want it to is a bad perspective to take. I know it would seem naive to say that since I don’t promote sexual activity outside of marriage, no one should do it and everyone should live thier lives to make me happy. That’s not going to happen. But the idea of HAVING to back down to cater to the way things are going now hinders us from being able to change the route that things like this are taking. You have a choice to either support it because you have the attitude that it’s the kind of thing that will happen anyway, or you can fight it by standing up for what you believe. When you get down to it, why even have laws if they’re just going to be broken? I’d say it’s worth fighting for.

  6. Josh Creason says:

    I was just being silly.

  7. El Gray says:

    Can we please get some tomfoolery taxes up in here?

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