When do you guys think we’ll know the election results? The Popular vote that is?

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  1. Frank says:

    There’s an election going on?

  2. sarah says:

    so we can say “re-defeat bush” for another 4 years?
    i think we should be popular vote now anyways. i don’t need an electoral college to cast my vote for me. times are changing (or have long sinced changed)…. i think the electoral college is old school. get rid of it.

    that’s all i have to say at this time.

  3. Josh Creason says:

    Do away with the electoral college and we’d no longer be this fine republic. we’d be a…gasp…democracy!
    i bet the news will be pretty quiet about numbers until 7am tomorrow (when Hawaii is all done).

  4. Josh Creason says:

    by the way, my legal systems comment could be totally wrong…i don’t know that kind of stuff very well. please correct me if necessary.

  5. Derek Lidbom says:

    Anyone out there want to argue in favor of the Electoral College? (I’m not antagonistic in asking, I really want to know)

  6. Josh Creason says:

    Based on my limited understanding of it, it seems less useful now than in the past.

  7. Jon says:

    I have a small irritation that a person’s vote in Florida has more weight than mine.

  8. Scott says:

    I hereby predict that we will know the election results late Wednesday morning.

    What? John Kerry always used hindsight to prove his infinite wisdom.

  9. Ben says:

    I have a large irritation that a person’s vote in Florida has more weight than mine.

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