Batavia, NY

Batavia, NY
Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Dec 26, 2002

Homey, snowy in winter, home of Paines, quaint, small, good eats, Pok-a-Dot
No shopping (except evil WalMart), continuous construction, the hideous 70’s urban renewal mall (according to Julie Molloy)

Julie’s review (posing as me, but inserting her own opinions):
My first impression of Batavia was via Sarah’s haterade-inspired perception of a small town struggling to exist despite its dependence on the recently instilled WalMart. Now that all the small businesses have closed down and WalMart and Home Depot reign supreme, Batavia is desperately attempting to cling to its roots and attract tourists from Winston-Salem, NC, home of Ben Folds (note from Derek: I have seen no evidence of Batavia trying to attract tourists).

*At this point we realized the value in obtaining other opinions, and Julie’s review was truncated*

Terry’s review:
I can’t say anything. New York sucks to live in. Batavia’s fault is New York’s fault. You need to live in a state where the biggest employer is not themselves. Batavia is a vicitm of the union mentality of the underqualified underproductive people that want everything for free.

Jake’s review:
Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Dad! Pokemon! I just got 16 E.X.P Points!

Debbie’s review:
*puts book in left hand and pot in right hand down*…I like it…it’s nice…it’s close to Buffalo and close to Rochester…there’s very little crime…there’s great schools, and there’s a lot of civic minded people that are trying to turn it around and
Sarah’s review:
Batavia is great, until you grow up, then it stinks, then you move away. That’s why I live in North Carolina.

*arguing commences…thank goodness Frankie isn’t here*
*Jake ends up singing to himself rocking in a chair in the fetal position*

My review:
I enjoy coming to Batavia. It is my place to get away and read and slow down for a while. It is a town of about 14,000 (5.2 square miles). The pace is slower here. I bring books, enjoy the snow and food. If you’ll look at my diet, you’ll see that I can’t handle eating well when I’m here. Debbie (Sarah’s mom) always has leftovers around, and the food in the city is soooooo good. There are only two chain restaurants (non-fast food) that I can think of here, and the rest are diners that have been around forever and are local legends. So, to sum up, I love Batavia (especially in the winter because we don’t get much snow in NC).

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  1. mike says:

    this town sucks like the rest of welfare dependent ny state! no jobs,no future. ridiculous taxes (they want a 23% increase)
    all there is here for work is burger flipping,dishwashing jobs! you actually have to have experience to get hired as a janitor for min wage at our restaurants! im planning on selling my home and getting the hell out of this ghetto govt. handout town and state! i used to live in sunny fla,nice climate,plenty of jobs,lower taxes! michael

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