Beef on Wick with French Fries and Gravy

Beef on Wick with French Fries and Gravy
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Dec 27, 2002

Yummy, salty, perfect
You have to smell like the Pok-A-Dot for the rest of the day, sometimes I’m not in the mood for the gravy

Eating a sandwich like this was one of my rites of passage once I married Sarah. There is a diner up in Batavia called the Pok-A-Dot that Sarah worked at for a while. They’re known mostly for their Beef on Wick sandwiches. It’s roast beef (bottom round roasted there), sliced and simmered all day in it’s own broth and drippings. They pile it on a kimmelwick roll (with a bunch of coarse salt baked on top), dip the top of the roll in the broth, and complete the sandwich. Have some hot or sweet peppers for an extra touch. You can add horseradish, but, since I hate it, I always abstain. They always have a big pot of gravy on the cooking surface warming up. French fries are fried up to order (crisp, just like I like them), put in a bowl and then smothered in gravy. Sounds strange, but I’ve had one on every visit to Batavia since my first.

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