Patagonia Dimension Jacket

Patagonia Dimension Jacket
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Dec 25, 2004

Rugged, comfy, good adjustability, pockets
Pricey if you don’t get it on sale, not waterproof (but it’s not supposed to be)

I got this from Sarah’s parents for Christmas. It’s a great jacket. I’m privy to the information that they got it on sale for $144 down from $240 (otherwise I would have gotten a different jacket). It’s a softshell that breathes well, is completely windproof and water-resistant. I use my North Face Denali fleece as my warmth layer under this jacket. They’re an almost perfect combination (my fleece won’t zip into this jacket). As I write this review, I’m in Batavia, and I’ve used the jacket for the past two days in the sub-freezing weather and it has kept my body nice and warm. The pockets are a little high, but so are all the pockets in the shells I was looking at. Both the waist elastic and the hood elastic are adjustable from inside the pockets, which is awesome. It has a little chest pocket that holds my camera for easy accessibility. The other two pockets double as vents and are spacious.

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  1. Jon says:

    Did you draw the alien-looking face in the hood?

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