Garmin Foretrex 101

Garmin Foretrex 101
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Dec 17, 2004

Inexpensive, Runs on AAA’s, Neat features, useful fields from GPS
No map/PC support, no altitude change log

Sarah got me the Foretrex 101 for Christmas 2004. We’re trying to hike/exercise more and this makes it much more fun. Also, when I walk Lucy it’s nice to know how far we’ve gone and our pace. It’s a wrist mounted GPS unit that keeps track of your position. It keeps track absolutely (because it uses GPS), but is only helpful relatively (unless you have a map you’re using coordinates with). The Foretrex allows me to mark waypoints along a hike (car, waterfall, camp, bathhouse, etc.) to return to them later. The Forerunner allows easier tracking of laps. Because what I wanted was something to help with hikes, I chose the Foretrex. It keeps track of distance, pace, current speed, etc. You can also display some other cool fields like sunrise and sunset. The only downsides are no PC support (understandable at the price point) and that it only displays your altitude, not the change in your altitude.

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