Place the State

This, my friends, is why I have a US map on my wall in my office (no, I didn’t use it while playing)…Score: 88%, Avg. Error: 37 miles, Time 449 Seconds (all first try)

Thanks Ben

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6 Responses to Place the State

  1. sarah says:

    90% 19 miles 263 seconds.

  2. Josh Creason says:

    78% 39mi 357sec 1st try

  3. Chris Bitsas says:

    90% 10 miles 237sec first try

  4. JD says:

    94% 27 miles 387 secs, first try

  5. Josh Creason says:

    Okay, so my PhD is not helpful at all when it comes to geography….

  6. Ben says:

    94%, 9 miles average error, 217 secs
    1st try

    But it does all depend on the order that you get the states…. colorado and kansas can be awfully tough without points of reference.

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