Review of Decision Making and the Will of God (25th anniversary Edition)

Title: Decision Making and the Will of God (25th anniversary Edition)
Author: Garry Friesen
Date Completed: 01/28/2005

Rereadability Rating: 5
Lifechangeability Rating: 4.5
Entertainment Rating: 4.5

Garry Friesen created some controversy back in 1980 when he released the first edition of this book. It examines what he calls the “traditional view” of God’s will (although it’s only about 120 years old). The “traditional view” states that God has a knowable, specific, perfect individual will for each person’s life, and time and energy should be invested in learning from God what that will is. Friesen attacks this as unbiblical and a waste of time. Friesen contends that God has only two will, as laid out by Scripture. First, his sovereign will, which is hidden from man and contains everything that God has decreed (everything that will happen). The Second is God’s moral will (right and wrong), which is completely revealed in Scripture. Friesen states that, if a choice is not violating any moral principles in Scripture, then we have the freedom (and can receive the wisdom) to make a good choice. After that choice, we don’t have to worry about if it was “in God’s will” or not. I’m not doing it justice, but it’s a long (400 page) book that can’t really be condensed. Friesen is a Professor of Bible at Multnomah college, and it shows in his work. The book abounds with Bible references (along with a very nice index in the back). If you pick up this book to read (and I recommend every Christian does), make sure you get the 2004 edition, not an older one. The 2004 (25th anniversary) edition additions are: 1) FAQ’s at the end of each chapter, 2) Updated examples/stories, 3) A (much needed) shorter version of the introduction to the “traditional view” and 4) An index of book reviews on other books on God’s will.

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Note: This book review has been included in my site for historical purposes. I might not hold the same views as I did when it was written. If I don’t, hopefully I’m more right now…

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