Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Jan 10, 2005

Best Spyware solution I’ve found, Reasonable cost per seat
No Terminal Server support, no remote install (other than through a script or GPO in Active Directory)

I tried SpySweeper on the recommendation of a friend and was pleasantly surprised. Usually if I know of someone with a spyware problem, I recommend the usual AdAware and SpyBot. Just recently Microsoft released their spyware detection program, so my views might change. For the time being though, there’s not another enterprise product with the remote administration and reporting features I need other than SpySweeper. SpySweeper Enterprise is about $30 per seat. I can login to the server and view which clients are infected with what, schedule scans, set options, etc. All without the user ever seeing anything on their side. The detection engine is better than anything else I’ve worked with too. My only complaints are:
Their management console doesn’t run correctly through Terminal Services
There isn’t a clean way to deploy it seamlessly from the console (you have to run the client somehow…GPO when user logs in, login script, manually, etc.).

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