Wolf Packs Reflector Dog Pack

Wolf Packs Reflector Dog Pack
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Jan 15, 2005

Great customer support, tough, not too big, fits well
A little expensive (but not unreasonable), no compression straps

Lucy got a WolfPack for Christmas. She’s excited. In the picture she’s carrying her collapsable bowl and our books for us on a walk. I looked long and hard to try to find the best pack for the money. At almost $60, this was above what I wanted to spend, but if you get a pack that doesn’t last or rubs your dog raw, then it’s not worth anything. Yesterday the pack came with us on a 5 mile walk (round trip) to Starbucks. You can work your dog up to hiking with up to 25% of their weight. This pack is a good size so we would have to overload it to cause problems with Lucy. I called their shop (just two people make the packs) and talked to them about Lucy’s measurements. They recommended a small pack, even though she weighs 50 lbs. They were dead on. They also emphasized if I received it and it didn’t fit right they’d be more than happy to take it back. So far I’m very pleased with it. The only complaint I have is that there aren’t any compression straps on top (where it seems like they should have gone).
WolfPacks Reflector Page
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