Country Crock Spread – Cinnamon

Country Crock Spread – Cinnamon
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Feb 19, 2005

Hydrogenated, limited time

Sarah found this at Harris Teeter last time we went shopping. So far I’ve had it on toast and pancakes, but I’m sure it’s even better on fresh rolls. It tastes very similar to the cinnamon spread they give you at Rock-ola with your rolls. It is creamy and sweet. It does fall apart more quickly than cinnamon butter when it hits any heat though, probably partially because of the partially hydrogenated soybean oil majority of its composition.

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4 Responses to Country Crock Spread – Cinnamon

  1. sarah says:

    it is delicious like rock-o-la. and you don’t have to suffer through the painful service to enjoy it. and it’s cheap. like $1.19 at harris teeter.

  2. Chris Bitsas says:

    Mmmmmm…….partially hydrogenated soybean oil.

  3. El Gray says:

    Cinnamon butter, you say?

  4. El Gray says:

    I think this site should focus solely on reviewing new and exciting butters for me to try.

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