Using GMail as file storage

This works…for now…it’s pretty cool. It will let you mount a drive on your WindowsXP machine to your GMail account and copy/move/delete files.

Thanks Gray!

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  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    Here’s my take on this:
    It’s neat. Cool how people use technology. I blogged a link earlier for a python tool that will allow Linux users to do the same thing (although not in the same format, so it won’t work cross-platform as far as I know). I uploaded 160MB worth of full size pictures from my web site and it stalled a couple of times, but the logged in again and started where it left off. Neat.

    It doesn’t fit within Google’s business model. The whole point of the free storage and nice GMail is so that you see the targeted ads. So, I assume that, before GMail is out of beta, stuff like this will stop working. Either that, or people will start seeing text files in their GMail mounted volumes that are advertisements. 😀

    Although I know Google doesn’t want to alienate their technical GMail users, I don’t expect this to hang around very long.

  2. skebrown says:

    However, Google beleives as does John Chambers of Cisco and others, that the new market is the Internet as one big application. This would of course play into their hands of allowing a user to use data from anywhere and use it in this way. You just connect to it from whatever device you see fit. Mobiles, computers… etc.

    Thanx for the space.

  3. Derek Lidbom says:

    Maybe they’ll just rename files…

    ServerUpgradeProposal.doc will become:


    I believe that too…I just don’t believe free (truly free) gigabytes will happen for the next while.

  4. skebrown says:

    I personaly want the ability to feel secure in storing my files on the net, to retrieve later with whatever device I am using at that moment. I don’t know when this will ever happen or if it will happen but it sounds good to me. It could be scary though!

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