I heard an interview about this site on the radio the other day. It is a web site showing the atrocity of abortion via very graphic, real pictures. If you venture to the site, what do you think of this method of trying to inform of the awful-ness of it?


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  1. Jon Wright says:

    Lets take off (if you are a Christian) the Christian lenses and put on for just a minute the secular ones and examine our society within their view (sorry, but this is a brief glimpse). In our society of naive realism, what we see is what is, and what we don’t see is not real. There are two choices to make someone in a society such as ours: a) change the view of society and make them understand that there is more than what we see, or b) just show them!! a is much more difficult than b, so that is more plausible however gory it may be.

    We see this to be true in other areas. Ironic that we can see pictures of the atrocities in the holocaust on public TV and on the history channel, in schools and universities, but when it changes to abortion pictures, why do we suddenly change our view? Also, I was listening to the news today and they were debating on whether the pictures caskets of dead soldiers should be shown to the public and the opinions on whether these solemn pictures should be shown switched. Why? Is there a double standard?

    Now lets put back on the Christian lenses&much better. What is the argument against this activism from a Christian worldview? I can only think that it might be the fact that activism is not the way to spread the gospel. I agree activism is not the way in which the gospel was spread through history. However, even Jesus ran the sellers out of the temple. I am sure Jon will slam me for that one, so let me say that I understand that the situations are somewhat different, but this helps to strengthen my point a little.

    Activism needs to be salted with an understanding that it alone often hardens the heart of the opposing [in this case, wrong] view and accompanied by the understanding that a dead man cannot be expected to act anything other than dead. The gospel must be preached in connection with these pictures on a personal level. How that is done, I do not know, but the display of these pictures should not be condemned because it is not balanced with something else anymore than a perfectly good car should be thrown away because it has no tires.

    Or perhaps the argument against this activism from a Christian world view is the sheer goriness of the pictures. This site says, Would Jesus use bloody pictures to make his point? He already did (referring to the cross&and for you skeptics out there, there is OVERWHELMING evidence that Jesus lived, died and rose again&just as much or more than the evidence that Plato lived. But that is a discussion for another day]. Further, it seems to me that the blame of these pictures does not lie on those who show these pictures, but those who kill the children and those who allow it to continue. All I have ever done is sit in class and say I am pro-life…but what do words do? These people are doing something about it and until we step up to the plate using more than just words, we simply look like the fat fan yelling at the athlete to clean up his game.

  2. Jon Wright says:

    Upon second read, I would like to apologize for the few spots of disconnectedness in my earlier post and ask you to bare with it. I guess that is what happens when you write and watch Band of Brothers at the same time. Further, the reason that I jumped on this one is because I have talked to people who would like for a similar group at http://www.jfaweb.org to come to Wake. The above post is the results of my thoughts and dialogues with poeple about this issue recently.

  3. Not enough space here to turn this into a full blown discussion regarding abortion, so i’ll simply answer the question posed.

    I actually think methods such as this are a good idea. I didn’t delve that deep into the site, so can’t comment fully. For example, if they’re trying to advocate sticking those pictures up on telephone poles, then no. That i’d be against. That said, I don’t think opinions on issues as important as this one should ever be reached while looking through the sanitized prism that we tend to see them through. So if there’s a legitimate way to get people educated to the reality of this, as well as a host of other issues, as extreme as those realities may be, that can only be a good thing.

  4. Jon Wright says:

    Sorry guys…didn’t mean to burn this one out. Perhaps I can ask this question to get a post…what are some objections to this activism that I failed to note?

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