Adobe to purchase Macromedia

I just found out about this. Crazy! I wonder what this will mean for my beloved ColdFusion.


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5 Responses to Adobe to purchase Macromedia

  1. Chris Barr says:

    I saw this today and its freakin crazy! I just hope they make the right choices about what to keep and what to throw out (maybe combine stuff).

    Photoshop over Fireworks
    Dreamweaver over GoLive
    Illustrator over Freehand
    Adobe Flash?
    Adobe Coldfusion? (Macromedia bought it from another company anyway, so this will probably be fine).

    The only problem i see with this is that it could actually be considered a monopoly. Photoshop is already the industry standard, but now there won’t be too much of a choice.

  2. Chris Bitsas says:

    !New Photoshop CS2 Announced!

  3. Josh Creason says:

    looks sweet…have you seen a release date for it yet?

  4. Chris Bitsas says:

    Available in May.

    Whatever that means.

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