Bio 101

Man, I don’t remember this sort of blatant agenda when I was in college. A friend at Wake Forest sent me this question from his final for his biology course:

“Why is it not correct to say that evolution is ‘only’ a theory and thereefore not yet accepted by the scientific community?”

I think my biggest beef is the position evolution has in the media and our academic institutions that makes it appear that everyone educated just accepts it as fact.


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  1. Scott says:

    I think this question can be answered without conceding that evolution is true. Evolution is accepted by the scientific community, and it’s not just a theory it’s a religion.

  2. Ben says:

    Like Scott said…. because it *is* accepted througout the scientific community. But what you are talking about here is not just “evolution”, but all scientific thought about the history of the world, the universe, and everything. (TM) Evolution is a nice target for most people because it is probably the easiest to understand and strikes at what it is to be human most directly.The truth is is that many of the components of evolution are most likely correct, though some of the drivers may not be correctly understood. I’ve never met anybody who has studied biology or geology or astronomy to any significant degree who doesnt believe in evolution (though I will quickly be shown the error of my ways here 🙂 ), and to be quite honest I was quite surprised when you brought up this question.This being said, no matter how far back you extrapoltae through time, you always arrive back at a big question mark. No matter if you can describe how humans evolved, or the earth formed, or the solar system was created… you always come back to the question: but where did the universe come from?? where did matter come from in the first place?

  3. Josh Creason says:

    Scientifically, the term “theory” means much more than the vernacular use of “theory.” So, saying and arguing that evolution is “just a theory” is counter productive for Christians wishing to counter the scientific community…it makes us look like ignoramooses. I agree that this question can be adequately answered without conceeding that 100% of the theory of evolution accurately describes 100% of creation.

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