Dell 2001FP

Dell 2001FP
Overall Rating: 5
Experience Date:Dec 01, 2004

Great monitor for the money, BIG, rotates, multiple inputs
Only 1600×1200

This is a BIG, nice LCD. I use one at work and my only complaint is that it “only” supports 1600×1200. I use it rotated in portrait mode, because that’s what I find best for web pages and coding (what I do on that monitor most of the time). I use the other 17″ LCD for server remote control, email, etc. I really don’t have anything bad to say about this monitor. When we bought them, market price was about $500 and it has only continued to drop. Props to Dell for driving down the LCD prices!

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  1. Scott says:

    I’ve got the 17″ model. It’s great, but the new computers in the office are now coming with 19″ ones. I’m a little jealous. I’m not sure the administrative assistants really need that kind of real estate for word processing. One girl actually pushed it back as far on her desk as she could because she couldn’t get used to the size. Ugh.

  2. Scott says:

    Now I’ve got a 17″” and a 15″ (same Dell line) side by side, but the 15″ is running off my laptop since I can’t run dual monitors off my PC. There is an onboard vga adapter, but installing an AGP adapter disables it. According to Dell there’s no way to change that.

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