From the Phone: Caption this Picture

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7 Responses to From the Phone: Caption this Picture

  1. Josh Creason says:

    “We’re off to see the wizard….”

  2. Jeremy says:

    “Follow me if you want to live!”

  3. Chris Boggs says:

    Talk about convertibles…that dragon family has the ultimate and they are seriously tailgating! Guess that’s why there’s not that many dragons around these days what with natural selection and all…

  4. Chris Boggs says:

    Abraxas and his big sister Kalseru impressed their parents immeasurably on thier first big family “Spooking” by alighting ever so gently and gracefully on the unsuspecting motorist’s trailer, like much older and more coordinated dragons. Father Nithhogr beamed with radiant pride at his wife Manasa as their little dragons giggled maniacally in anticapation of the driver’s reaction when they would all start jumping up and down on the trailer and issuing derisive hoots and honks.

  5. El Gray says:

    “I gotta load of Practice Dragons here for a Mr. Dirk The Daring. Who’s gonna sign for ’em?”

  6. Scott says:

    Chris Boggs wins. I’m not going to try.

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