Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Lots of space, search capability, POP access (secure only), thread view, RSS feeds eventually
Can’t sort, quirky

I’ve been using GMail for almost a year now, and It’s the only way that I check mail at a computer. I do receive copies on my Treo of all my mail. Anyway, I like it. I like being able to file things away. I like Google. I don’t mind the ads, although they are sometimes disconcerting. Josh sent me an email asking about where he could purchase a certain type of cable and one of the ads on the side of his email was a link to that type of cable for purchase from an online vendor.

Anyway…The searching is really well done, but I’m a sorter. This gets in the way with GMail. For example, let’s say I would like to sort by attachment size to remove some large attachments (I know, Google says I shouldn’t ever have to delete anything…but still…). You can’t. That’s frustrating. I realize it’s still in Beta, but so is most of Google’s other stuff.

The other features of GMail are pretty much the standard web-based email features. Import contacts, decent spam filter, POP access (although it’s only secure…a good move, but somewhat frustrating).

The biggest thing that stands out when comparing GMail to other web-based mail applications is that there aren’t folders, just labels. A message can have one or more labels applied to it, whereas with other systems you can only have a message in one folder (unless you copy it). This is similar to how I categorize my notes in StickyBrain. It’s growing on me.

One more thing. Supposedly some beta GMail users are able to see RSS feeds in their inbox. That would be huge. I would really like to be able to test that.

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