Overall Rating: 4.5
Experience Date:Can’t remember

Constantly innovating and amazing
Don’t update cache of my web site enough, Accumulating a lot of data on tons of people and they’re public

I put all this work into making my site work with search engines and Google hasn’t indexed some of the review pages in 7 months. That irritates me. Makes me wonder how much other useful content others on the web are missing out on. MSN indexes of my pages are days old, not months. Oh well.

On the positive side, Google is constantly releasing products that make my jaw drop. Google suggest, Google Maps, GMail (then increasing the quota constantly), then Google Maps with Satellite…man…awesome. Not to mention translation, catalogs, froogle, etc. Enough said…nope…Google Groups (where I get all kinds of technical questions answered), Google image search (where I get pictures for most of these reviews), Google Local, Google Answers, Google News, etc. OK…I think that exhausts most of it. What about the personalized home page they just released? Have you seen the “Ride Finder”? It has potential. Check out their Labs page.

The only problem is they’re getting some very very useful information, and companies in the past haven’t exactly been 100% customer friendly with that information. We’ll see how Google can do.

Google Labs

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