LaCie PocketDrive (40GB) Firewire Hard Drive

LaCie PocketDrive (40GB) Firewire Hard Drive
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Sep 01, 2004

FAST, USB and Firewire interface, works flawlessly, rubberized edges
USB needs a power supply sometimes, a little bulky

I’ve used this drive for IT support and troubleshooting of macs. It has it’s own copy of OS X on it with tools and utilities. When a mac is having problems, just hook it up to firewire, boot to it, and run utilities on the mac and the drive. Perfect for that purpose. I wish it didn’t require a power adapter when using via USB, but that might be a factor of the interface, not the drive. The rubberized sleeve makes me feel like I could drop it and not flinch.

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