SonicWALL SOHO TZW Firewall/Wireless Access Point

SonicWALL SOHO TZW Firewall/Wireless Access Point
Overall Rating: 4
Experience Date:Jun 15, 2004

Sturdy once stable, nice featureset for the money
Hard to get stabilized, got fried on trip through airport

I installed one of these in Atlanta. Configured it remotely before deployment, took it on the plane with me, plugged it in and it was back to factory config. No good. Spent a day down in Atlanta reconfiguring it. Now that it works, I don’t have to mess with it anymore. It handles web traffic, reporting and VPN functions nicely for the money. See my review on SonicWall for the other downsides of this (and all their) product. Basically, get it stable, don’t go for non-critical updates and leave it alone. If you can’t do all of those three, buy firewalls from someone else.
SonicWALL SOHO TZW Product Page

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