Overall Rating: 3
Experience Date:Jun 01, 2004

Stable products once you get them configured, inexpensive
Security outlook is flawed, non-stable new firmware releases

I think the company has some problems at the core of how they look at security/support. I went with them because I know an IT consultant who installs only their products and is very happy with them. But, most of his installations are pretty basic. I’ve found that once you get the initial configuration hammered out, learn the quirks (emphasis on this) and stabilize your network, they’re pretty reliable units. Once everything works, don’t upgrade the firmware! (unless absolutely necessary for security reasons). Almost every time I call with a technical question about a SonicWall product, they want me to upload a TSR (Tech support report). That file has SENSITIVE information in it, and is then only protected by my web account password. It’s also available to any of their support staff. I usually refuse to upload and make them walk me through other options. Another rep wanted to help me by logging into my firewall remotely. No dice. If SonicWall wants to compete with the big boys, they’re going to have to make the security mindset filter down through to their tech support.

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