Google's Site Ranking System

This is a quite interesting article about how some of Google’s site ranking system works…click the comments for a link to the actual patent.


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3 Responses to Google's Site Ranking System

  1. Derek Lidbom says:

    Last I knew, Google crawls query string variables, but no more than 3.

  2. Chris Barr says:

    I didn’t see it on there, but it might have been (I didn’t read all of it). Google’s crawlers also don’t go past an ?’s in a link which are commonly generated by PHP or similar languages. Also, since these pages are usually generated dynamically on a request for them, thats too much work for a crawler to look for.

    A nice trick to get your stuff noticed by google is to write a bunch of keywords in a div tag and set it to display:none; in CSS. you can’t see it, but the data is still there for google to crawl. You can make more important words in bold or strong tags and google sees these words are more important than the rest. I did it on my page!

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