From the Phone: Maggie doesn’t sing

At Coldstone Creamery, you can hear a song if you tip. Evidently someone said something to the management at Maggie Moos.

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  1. sarah says:

    they sing at all cold stones. in w-s, maggie moo’s was here first, and now cold stone is in town trying to set the tone, and maggie moo’s is having some backlash.

  2. Josh Creason says:

    At our Cold Stone, they sing all the time…and it’s run by an Indian family. They are loud. The few young folks who work there mumble through whatever song (I think it’s a spin off of the Flintstones) while the owner turns it into a broadway number.

  3. Mom Paine says:

    Chrystal says mmmmmm……..better batter.

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