I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve hummed the Tetris song in my head as I’ve worked on these. The finish isn’t what I desired, so I only mounted two of them on the wall (stacked the rest, like the game). I can easily pull them down and work on it some more when time (and money) allows. As soon as I got them up, Sarah immediately scoured the house for stuff to put in them.

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  1. Josh Creason says:

    Neato. Which tetris song?

  2. Jon Wright says:

    Are those dove-tailed?! 😉

  3. DC says:

    Nice!!!! . .how’s that for a comment!?!? 🙂

  4. Derek Lidbom says:

    Ummm…I don’t remember…weren’t they numbered on the game boy version?

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