The conditions of the Refugees

It makes me so sad

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  1. Jon Wright says:

    This is a perfect example of our discussion on the “Major vs Minor” thread. As I said, if there is no God, then there is no moral standard. It is about me and how I can be happy–not anyone else. So then, in this article it says:

    “The soldiers inside [helicopter] opened the doors and pushed out cases of water and boxes of MREs – meals ready to eat. People pushed. People yelled. The old folks and kids grabbed what they could. The young men made out best, though some were willing to share their bounty. Others just kept what they had claimed and shouldered their way through the crowd.”

    But I must ask, why were some young men sharing their bounty? Why is this admirable? Why is that praiseworthy? Because he is stupid enough to give up his own well-being for the sake of someone else? How stupid and naive they were to do so. According to a philosophy that does not hvae a god, the ones who took all they could for themselves were consistent with this philosophy. There is no good, no wrong–only me, myself, and I. My well-being is paramount, so I take care of me at any cost. If I hvae a sexual desire, I rape. If I have a hunger, I rob. If I desire possessions, I steal.

    We are seeing the manifestation of an anti-theistic worldview being worked out before our eyes. And if someone is so stupid as to help someone else at their own expense, then they simply are living “better” than their philosophy warrants. Who are we to judge what these people do–afterall, there is no right or wrong, or at least right and wrong are situationally relative.

  2. Jon says:

    I think we all could agree that even with an anti-theistic moral approach, there are plenty of anti-theistic ethical paradigms that, if applied, would affect the situation in a positive way. A few for example:

    1. Utilitarianism, with the emphasis on the principle of the greatest good for the greatest number. I personally think that this model will be used to control the situation. In this particualr instance, the primary flaw of util. (possibility of a minority) does not exist as, at this point, everyone is on the same plane- Survival.

    2. Situation Ethics with J. Fletcher’s “one-norm” emphasis. (Determining factor is “what is most loving?”)

    3. Theory of Justice- allowing actions to be based through the “veil of ignorance.” Once blinded from age/sex/social status the result would be most egalitarian. The actions would then not be based on retribution but on distribution.

    Just because these systems “fall apart” under full scrutiny (primarily due to the lack of an infinte reference point) that does not mean they cannot, and have not, been applied in the past. (e.g.- Tsunami, 9/11, and other disasters that did not end up in social chaos) Society doesn’t have to operate on an “about me and how I can be happy–not anyone else” mentality. . .even with an anti-theistic scheme.

  3. Jon Wright says:

    Forgive me for such a late response. I have been swamped with work…I am sure you remember back to your undergraduate years ;-).

    Point well taken, Jon. These ethical paradigms can and have worked in the past. If at any point I implied that anti-theism has never had a positive effect, then forgive me. However the question that one can ask when faced with these is “why?” Why should I? Answer anyone?


    Do not think I am making all who hold this view out to be “bad” people, for some I am sure live “good” lifes. As Mom Paine very pointed out, there are admirable choices in life that are good. But I do not want us to miss the point. This view of anti-theism provides many reasons to be immoral and is left without any objective reference point with which to condemn any choice. Again, ANYONE THAT HOLDS THIS VIEW AND YET LIVES A MORAL LIFE MERELY LIVES BETTER THAN THIS PHILOSOPHY WARRANTS.

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