A summary (not short) of the RIM (Blackberry) legal issues

Put together in one place for you…

worth the read

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  1. Brad R says:

    I couldn’t make it through. I can’t believe this is a newspaper article. I copied and pasted into word – 12 pages long single-spaced – a newspaper article!! An exercise in self-indulgence. I almost threw up on myself when the authors went back into the life stories:

    “two working-class kids whose early tinkering with computers drew them into a life of invention and a passion for wireless gadgets. And yet their common bond  a drive to make a mark as innovators  is also what would turn a routine legal dispute into an ill-fated battle of wills…”


  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    Wow…you must really REALLY have hated it. I know you must have to read some really boring stuff…and you couldn’t make it through this?! 😀

  3. Brad R says:

    Exactly – not that it was boring (i find the subject itself pretty fascinating). The authors just came across as though what they had to say and how they said it was REALLY important – rather than that the content itself was important.

  4. Scott says:

    “Out his window, the morning sun was just starting to burn the fog off the Potomac River below, giving the veteran patent lawyer a clear view of the Washington Monument and the Capitol dome beyond.”

    UGH, I’m with Brad on this one. This is what happens when aspiring novelists write articles. Give me facts – no need to sentimentally establish the setting.

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