30 boxes – online calendar

It does look the most promising yet…but…doesn’t the whole nicety of having a social network calendar go away as soon as everyone starts making their calendars available as RSS feeds?


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  1. now if it just could sync with my pda…that’s my problem with using anything other than Outlook.

  2. Derek Lidbom says:

    Yeah, but what if you had a calendar app on your pda that could read in XML calendar data?

  3. I’d still need some way to get the xml data to the pda (i’d prefer not to have to use the wifi for all my calender syncing)…
    And then there is always contact info…i’m so accustomed to those being together. I wish gmail was more pda friendly. my pda can’t access the secure pop/smtp servers (as is), and the mobile gmail page just doesn’t cut it (it doesnt’ keep the same return address settings so people see my gmail address instead of the one i want them to and I can never download my attachments, which is a significant problem since that’s where I get my voicemail…).

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