Interesting site. Don’t know how they’re coming up with the property values. Nice interface.

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  1. they show our place on the map, but don’t give the value…

  2. Joseph says:

    As someone in the mortgage business, this is a very interesting development. The guy that started it was on the radio, and said they were working out some glitches, as well as still working on adding counties.

    They assess value from tax value (not all counties have this info online yet), together with recent sales of the property as well as sales in the neighboring area (I don’t know how they are defining that area).

    But I think it’s a good search tool if you’re buying, and a good tool to determine if you should put your house on the market.

  3. Scott says:

    These seem to be pretty lowball prices from the ones I’ve checked.

  4. Brad R says:

    I had the opposite reaction. the ones I checked were high I thought. I was pretty psyched to see mine – a little high (but of course I would love for it to be right)

  5. Jon says:

    I’m not sure how each county does it, but mecklenburg county has an online database named “polaris” (property ownership land records information system) that is searchable by owener name, address, parcel ID and property value.

    Mere and I used it to haggle rent prices. 🙂


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