Interesting service. $5.99/month and you get a CD of your choice…any other CDs 5.99/CD. For those who must feel they own the music.

Thanks Josh

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  1. Scott says:

    So what’s the spin on this one?

  2. Josh Creason says:

    I’ve been with the service since January. I have a queue of a dozen or so CDs. Once a month, they send me what’s on the top of the list for $6, no shipping or tax. If I want other CDs, I can order as many as I want, whenever I want, for $6 a piece. They even have some SACDs and DualDiscs (but no DVD-Audio)…for the same price. The only downers are the box sets…they are $6 per disc. All discs are in the original, unused, mint condition packaging. I’ve not found any downsides yet. I prefer this because I like to physically own the music and my entertainment system shows off the flaws of compressed music (MP3s, etc) too much. The only possible drawback to the service I’ve been able to find is that if your queue is empty, you still get charged $6 for that month. My solution is to have a queue that runs for over a year. If anyone else figures out any loopholes or gotchas for this service, I’d love to hear about it. As of now, I’m very pleased. I’ve gone from buying one or two CDs in a year, to 12-15…or more.

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